With a vision for the aesthetic and control of the technical, I am a multidisciplinarian, equally comfortable working in a CMS such as WordPress or languages like html, css, javascript, etc. or creating graphics and layouts in programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

My career began years ago programming a CD-ROM for my local board of education in Adobe Director’s language ‘Lingo’. I then worked for a stock photography company where I gained experience making complex multi-application scripts in Applescript for processing thousands of images all while working as part of a team on the complex ecommerce website that the company used to sell their images.

Thriving on difference and challenge, I search out a variety of projects and enjoy employing new solutions that can come from understanding multiple mediums and how they intersect. The most important asset that comes from being a multidisciplinarian is the ability to to keep projects running smoothly by promoting clear understanding among people of various technical backgrounds.